Surrey 2007 Indoor Rowing Championships - Results

(13 January 2007)

Event results and replays are available below.
To see them, click on the links that you are interested in.

Event replay software courtesey of Nigel Farmer.

Event No Event Title Replays Event No Event Title Replays
A1 Mens 3000m Junior 14 - B1 Womens 3000m Junior 14 -
A2 Mens 3000m Junior 15 - B2 Womens 3000m Junior 15 Replay
A3 Mens 3000m Junior 16 Replay B3 Womens 3000m Junior 16 Replay
A4 Mens 3000m Junior 18 Replay B4 Womens 3000m Junior 18 -
A5 Mens 3000m Open Hwt Replay B5 Womens 3000m Open Hwt -
A6 Mens 3000m 30-39 Hwt Replay B6 Womens 3000m 30-39 Hwt -
A7 Mens 3000m 40-49 Hwt Replay B7 Womens 3000m 40-49 Hwt Replay
A8 Mens 3000m 50-59 Hwt Replay B8 Womens 3000m 50-59 Hwt Replay
A9 Mens 3000m 60-69 Hwt - B9 Womens 3000m 60-69 Hwt -
A10 Mens 3000m 70+ Hwt Replay B10 Womens 3000m 70+ Hwt -
A11 Mens 3000m Open Lwt Replay B11 Womens 3000m Open Lwt -
A12 Mens 3000m 30-39 Lwt Replay B12 Womens 3000m 30-39 Lwt Replay
A13 Mens 3000m 40-49 Lwt Replay B13 Womens 3000m 40-49 Lwt Replay
A14 Mens 3000m 50-59 Lwt Replay B14 Womens 3000m 50-59 Lwt Replay
A15 Mens 3000m 60-69 Lwt - B15 Womens 3000m 60-69 Lwt -
A16 Mens 3000m 70+ Lwt Replay B16 Womens 3000m 70+ Lwt -
A17 Mens 3000m Guest Replay B17 Womens 3000m Guest -
Event No Event Title Replays Event No Event Title Replays
C1 Mens 805m Junior 14 Replay D1 Womens 805m Junior 14 -
C2 Mens 805m Junior 15 Replay D2 Womens 805m Junior 15 Replay
C3 Mens 805m Junior 16 Replay D3 Womens 805m Junior 16 Replay
C4 Mens 805m Junior 18 Replay D4 Womens 805m Junior 18 Replay
C5 Mens 805m Open Hwt Replay D5 Womens 805m Open Hwt Replay
C6 Mens 805m 30-39 Hwt Replay D6 Womens 805m 30-39 Hwt -
C7 Mens 805m 40-49 Hwt Replay D7 Womens 805m 40-49 Hwt Replay
C8 Mens 805m 50-59 Hwt Replay D8 Womens 805m 50-59 Hwt -
C9 Mens 805m 60-69 Hwt - D9 Womens 805m 60-69 Hwt -
C10 Mens 805m 70+ Hwt - D10 Womens 805m 70+ Hwt -
C11 Mens 805m Open Lwt Replay D11 Womens 805m Open Lwt -
C12 Mens 805m 30-39 Lwt Replay D12 Womens 805m 30-39 Lwt -
C13 Mens 805m 40-49 Lwt Replay D13 Womens 805m 40-49 Lwt Replay
C14 Mens 805m 50-59 Lwt Replay D14 Womens 805m 50-59 Lwt Replay
C15 Mens 805m 60-69 Lwt - D15 Womens 805m 60-69 Lwt -
C16 Mens 805m 70+ Lwt Replay D16 Womens 805m 70+ Lwt -
C17 Mens 805m Guest Replay D17 Womens 805m Guest -
Event No Event Title Replays Event No Event Title Replays
R1 Mixed 3mins30secs Team - - -