South London Indoor Rowing Championships - Results

(27 April 2005)

Event results are available below.
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Event No Event Title Event No Event Title
A1 Mens 1000m J14 A21 Womens 1000m J16
A2 Mens 1000m J15 A22 Womens 1000m J17
A3 Mens 1000m J16 A23 Womens 1000m U23 H
A4 Mens 1000m J17 A24 Womens 1000m 19-29 H
A5 Mens 1000m U23 H A25 Womens 1000m 30-39 H
A6 Mens 1000m 19-29 H A26 Womens 1000m 40-49 H
A7 Mens 1000m 30-39 H A27 Womens 1000m 50-59 H
A8 Mens 1000m 40-49 H A28 Womens 1000m 60-69 H
A9 Mens 1000m 50-59 H A29 Womens 1000m 70+ H
A10 Mens 1000m 60-69 H A30 Womens 1000m U23 L
A11 Mens 1000m 70+ H A31 Womens 1000m 19-29 L
A12 Mens 1000m U23 L A32 Womens 1000m 30-39 L
A13 Mens 1000m 19-29 L A33 Womens 1000m 40-49 L
A14 Mens 1000m 30-39 L A34 Womens 1000m 50-59 L
A15 Mens 1000m 40-49 L A35 Womens 1000m 60-69 L
A16 Mens 1000m 50-59 L A36 Womens 1000m 70+ L
A17 Mens 1000m 60-69 L C2 Mens 1000m Team
A18 Mens 1000m 70+ L C3 Womens 1000m Team
A19 Womens 1000m J14 C4 Mixed 1000m Team
A20 Womens 1000m J15 - -

Event No Event Title Event No Event Title
B1 Mens 500m J14 B19 Womens 500m J14
B2 Mens 500m J15 B20 Womens 500m J15
B3 Mens 500m J16 B21 Womens 500m J16
B4 Mens 500m J17 B22 Womens 500m J17
B5 Mens 500m U23 H B23 Womens 500m U23 H
B6 Mens 500m 19-29 H B24 Womens 500m 19-29 H
B7 Mens 500m 30-39 H B25 Womens 500m 30-39 H
B8 Mens 500m 40-49 H B26 Womens 500m 40-49 H
B9 Mens 500m 50-59 H B27 Womens 500m 50-59 H
B10 Mens 500m 60-69 H B28 Womens 500m 60-69 H
B11 Mens 500m 70+ H B29 Womens 500m 70+ H
B12 Mens 500m U23 L B30 Womens 500m U23 L
B13 Mens 500m 19-29 L B31 Womens 500m 19-29 L
B14 Mens 500m 30-39 L B32 Womens 500m 30-39 L
B15 Mens 500m 40-49 L B33 Womens 500m 40-49 L
B16 Mens 500m 50-59 L B34 Womens 500m 50-59 L
B17 Mens 500m 60-69 L B35 Womens 500m 60-69 L
B18 Mens 500m 70+ L B36 Womens 500m 70+ L